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Create your digital store for free, without any fixed monthly costs.

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Only 9% commission for your sales and free withdrawing of your earnings to your bank account.

Local currency

Define the price in dollars and it will be automatically converted to the buyer's local currency.

Salduu. A platform that gives you all.

Salduu is an all-in-one platform that allows you to create a free store, sell your products, run email campaigns and write a blog.

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It solves the whole issue of international payments for me, the management of my business is now very easy.

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Beside of the store, I love the email marketing system, I sell a lot with the campaigns I send.

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What we like the most is that we can offer our products in many currencies without doing ANYTHING.

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I don't have time to learn about e-commerce, in Salduu in 2 minutes I'm selling and the rest I do my job

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With Salduu I don't have to worry about anything other than doing my classes. It's all so automatic!

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At Salduu I can have all my services and products in one place, I only send my clients the link of my store.

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Create your store

Sell all kinds of digital products and services: educational resources, e-books, templates, recorded courses, live private classes, group classes, webinars, seminars... there are no limits!

Your clients pay and the product is sent automatically, even when you are asleep.

Sell in local currency

Define the price in dollars and automatically your customers will see it in their πŸ”₯local currencyπŸ”₯.

Sell with more than 200 local payment methods in 13 countries in Latin America and with PayPal for the rest of the world, at no fixed cost. More information β†’

Your money in your bank

Withdraw your earnings directly into your bank account.πŸ”₯ No discounts πŸ”₯ by transfer, we assume that cost.

Request your withdrawal and in less than 3 business days it will be in your account: word.

Your own Blog

Write on your own blog to acquire customers and subscribers organically and not rely exclusively on social networks to get new customers.

Send emails to your audience

Connect with your audience using our Email Marketing tool, where you can send emails to your subscribers, customers and potential customers quickly and easily.

Analyze key metrics

πŸ‘€ They say that what is not measured cannot be improved. That is why we give you a powerful analysis panel with which you can identify improvement opportunities for your business and thus earn more money.

I want to start selling

Earn money while you are asleep! πŸ›ŒπŸ½

When creating a product or service you can attach files and/or links, after payment, the client will receive them automatically in their email and on the confirmation page.

1. Create your store for free
2. Create and configure your products or services
3. Promote your products and services to your audience
4. Your customers buy your products and services
5. ... and they automatically receive the product files and links

This is what I was looking for

A powerful dashboard full of insights


With the dashboard and its statistics in real time you will be able to understand where your customers come from and which products have the best conversion rates.

With key data you will be able to make better decisions, make improvements and increase your sales, enhance your different markets and learn from your business data.

salduu dashboard

Simple pricing

We just charge commission!

No fixed costs

Creating your store is totally free

Low commissions

9% fixed commission.
* plus payment gateway fees

Payouts without fees

The cost of transferring your money is covered by us

πŸš€ I need this !

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